Challenge yourself, and your friends, to climb one of the UKs most iconic landmarks - from home!

Pippa MacDonald is climbing the equivalent height of Ben Nevis from her home to raise money and awareness for Food4Heroes – that’s 4,413 ft or 6,114 household steps.

Only counting the Step Ups, walking down doesn’t count apparently!

Instructions for the StepUp Challenge

See what you need to do to take part

Choose one of our
shortlisted landmarks


Climb the equivalent number of steps in your home


Donate £4 to Food4Heroes, telling us which landmark you climbed


Share your achievement on social media & encourage your friends to do the same


Give our page a share too!

And that’s it!!

You can then sit down, relax and know that your efforts have paid for 2 fresh, nutritious meals to be cooked by local caterers and delivered direct to NHS frontline staff – how satisfying is that!  


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